How to Tackle Your To-Do Lists

Tackle Your To-Do Lists

How to Tackle Your To-Do Lists

Some may dread to-do lists and some thrive off of the idea of organizing everything into lists. NO matter which category you fit in, it is better to start off with a few tips.

Why do we make lists?

We make lists because they bring order to our lives. Even just journaling or writing things down when we feel overwhelmed is a great way to take our thoughts, break them down and dissect them. Plus, I mean who doesn’t love checking things off of your lists! It can be such a satisfying feeling.

Lists are also a great way to prioritize.

Prioritizing tasks is a lot easier when we have a way to SEE them. You can clearly see what you need to do or want to do and which tasks are more important, or which need to come before the other. They also help us remember something we may forget 5 minutes later when a client calls or your dog does something really cute and distracting!

Lists help us achieve our goals.

Writing goals for your personal life or business is important. It helps you be clear, concise and see where you need to be in a few months or in a years time. It has also been proven that writing down your goals is a great way to achieve them.

Lists help us get through overwhelm.

Have you ever just thought there is not a single way I can get all this done, and clean my house and have a social life and downtime? Yeah, me too! But with making a list you can easily tackle that! You can see what needs to be done, you don’t have to remember everything, and you can relax and just refer to your list and check things off!

So how do you manage your to-do lists?

Well, every person is different. Some people like very detailed, organized, color coated lists. Others may like post-it notes everywhere, and some may even just do a running tab. Whatever your preference the best way to get started and tackle that to-do list is to just write it down. That’s it, get it off your mind and get it written!

Happy List Making!

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