Passion versus Action, and why 51% matters!

Passion versus Action Scales

Passion versus Action, and why 51% matters!

Everyone wants to live a life of passion.

We all want to focus on the job we are passionate about, the hobby we are passionate about, the goals we are passionate about, but what we don’t do is put ACTION into those things to make them happen. When was the last time you set forth action on all of the things you are passionate about…. Go ahead take your time, I’ll wait.

It isn’t easy, especially living in the digital age of distraction where all things can start as a phone call or text and turn into 30 minutes on Instagram. But that is where the 51% comes in. Chris says that “As long as I’m 51% committed or motivated toward my goal (and only 49% “Netflix on the couch” or keeping life easy), I know I’ve got what I need to succeed.”

For those of you, who maybe don’t have the energy or time to devote 110% to your passions, but you are taking time each day to put your initiatives forward and get the best results possible! If I put 51% towards my goals, business or hobbies every day. If I say today I am going to work 51% on my business and get all of these things checked off my to-do list then I know I can take this and do it every day until I am much further along! It’s the ACTION that matters, not the passion.

Where fear can paralyze, action will mobilize. 

Action allows us to build momentum. Gain clarity. Strengthen confidence. Action allows us to eventually realize that idea we now only dream about. Where passion is the spark, action is the fire. I often hear people talk about giving something you’re all – your 110%! – in order to be successful, as if anything less won’t get you there.

But that is not true, granted more effort will get you further results, but we don’t all have the time, energy or effort to devote 110% to everything we are passionate about. Hence where the 51% comes in.

I just need to want it a little bit more than I want the easy way out…

You see, the hardest part about taking action towards change is actually getting started. And, whereas most people want to tackle the big milestone – like building their website! – all in one day, I focus on starting with SMALLEST thing. One call, one email, one request.

If you do nothing else but one single thing EVERY DAY to move your idea business forward then you won’t be able to stop your eventual success.

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